Friday, March 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Ruined “Vessel”

                Ruined is one of those rarities in music these days because the distorted guitars can come out sounding like grunge or what the kids call post grunge, but never at any point on these five songs do you feel as if you’re listening exactly to some other band that has already been established.  To take something that has been so overdone and find a way to make it your own is quite possibly one of the most difficult things a musician can do.

                There are dark undertones on the first song, when not kicked in heavily, that sound like the Violent Femmes song “Color Me Once” and, yeah, any of these songs could have found their way onto “The Crow” soundtrack back in the day.    The overall sound though falls somewhere between shoegaze and the distorted kind of grunge of a band like Hum.

                While there aren’t too many bands I can compare this with, especially in the grunge genre, I do feel there is at least one Nirvana nod in here, as well as an overall vibe of Bush to the extent that I feel like it is influenced by them if only in the guitar sense and in no way else.   The only modern band I can really bring up with this is Nothing and since I really like them, I really do enjoy this and look forward to hearing more music from Ruined sooner than later.  

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