Friday, March 28, 2014


                There are a lot of different sounds coming out of N.213, and while they all have their respective names individually, they don’t seem to have an appropriate genre when combined.  

                Through the depths of electro pop rock into lo-fi, synth, drum machines and synth pop even these somewhat short and moderately paced songs seem to have ingredients that have yet to be defined inclusively.   It could be art pop rock, but it also brings out the distorted bomps of a band such as The White Stripes (though does not resemble them in any other way really)

                You could certainly dance to it, and there are distorted vocals and 8bit sounds at times even.  It’s somewhere between Illegal Wiretaps, Cafeteria Dance Fever and Hidden Cameras if I had to pick a handful of bands to compare it with.   The problem is, those bands share some qualities but are still somewhat different in their own rights, thus proving this is harder to make an exact comparison.

                If you’re wondering why it’s with Nikki Never (I was beginning to wonder after Side A), she has a few songs on the second side before vocals go back to who was singing on the first side.   For the Nikki Never songs, hints of The Bengals or even The Go-Go’s are at the forefront and that’s not at all a bad thing.

                All of these different genres are fine by me and when put together they create a sound that I still like.   On some level, this could be the soundtrack to a 1980’s movie if it had that bit of punk edge to it, but you’d have to think of a single band doing the entire soundtrack.   On the other side of the coin, if you found all of these songs collected together it might be in a jukebox, only given their length I’d really like to just call this jukebox a.d.d. but that has probably already been attributed to some other band somewhere.  

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