Friday, March 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The National Park Service “I Was Flying” (Lily Tapes & Discs)

                The National Park Service (Who I have only ever heard a single song of before) is tricky to me because in some ways, this music is ambient or even a field recording, but it is not in the typical manner—it is not the style that you normally would associate with ambient music.

                There are guitar melodies in a loop with some beats and it could be ambient, but it’s like ambience on a whole other level.   The first side is full of this guitar work, which can range from acoustic strumming to notes and there is also what I like to call the lazy guitar riff.   None of this is your typical ambient music though because it just doesn’t feel as drone or spatial in ways.    Also, there is a very specific distress signal sound on Side A.

                More so than your ambient music, The National Park Service reminds me of something along the lines of an instrumental indie rock band such as The Cancer Conspiracy or someone else I can’t name because I don’t really listen to instrumental indie rock bands.

                On Side B, we get some fuzzy guitar notes and although it does have some similar traits it also takes a turn towards something else.   Call me crazy, call me what you will, but on the second side I do hear a bit of The Cure coming out, which stands out to me from the first side but is also a nice touch to the overall feel of the cassette.

                Following what almost sounds like a banjo and some other tinny portions, “I Was Flying” ends with a more traditional sound of ambience, which in a lot of ways is much more reassuring to me than it probably should be.  

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