Thursday, March 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: RASH “Weight of the World” (Carbon Records)

                The thing that I like about RASH is that this is some great guitar work right here.  It’s distorted and there are screeches, but it’s just so rocking.  It reminds me of somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and Bush, although this is instrumental and somewhat closer to noise.

                Though the tones are generally dark, I swear at one point during Side A I can hear the guitar laughing at me.

                Side B doesn’t feel as one dimensional to me, although the fact that Side A could be described as one dimensional in retrospect seems like it might not be a compliment, but it is.   The distortion is still heavy, we’re just going through some tuning frequencies.   And the notes just keep on lingering.  

                If you ever wanted to know what the guitar was capable of sounding like and if it could emit true, raw emotion then you need to look no further than putting this tape on and cranking it way up. 

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