Thursday, March 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: eighty9s “C.o.F.”

                As with any good cassette I find lately, eighty9s “C.o.F.” seems to have two different personalities, one per side, yet does remain a single entity still as the sounds are different enough to be the same.

                I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately, and I want to hear it more, as the sounds of eighty9s are beats… beats for days.   It is hip hop, but without the rhymes, except it doesn’t need someone to rap over it, as this music succeeds in providing its own soundtrack to life, its own voice.  It reminds me of Keyboard Kid on that level. 

                This grinding sort of music is not quite seapunk, but it is close to it in some way, like a distant cousin maybe.   Though the funky style can also channel that of one of my earliest influences, Tupac Shakur.

                What’s funny is that when I was a kid I listened to hip hop before anything else.  If you go through my old tapes, you’ll find 2Pac and Dre, those sorts of names.  I was into hip hop before punk rock because I heard of songs like “Cop Killer” that were controversial and that got me to listen.   Sure, that lured me in but I stuck around for the beats.

                My first car had a tape deck, and I grew up when cars began coming standard with CD players, so I did spend quite a bit of time revisiting my earlier years of cassettes.  I remember getting pulled over once when I was listening to 2Pac and thinking that the cop only pulled me over because of my music. 

                On the flip side of this, we can hear something resembling the death of batteries in a boom box.  Then we get into some piano funk, which reminds me of Charlie Brown for some odd reason.   Some straight up hip hop vocals do end up appearing before that little bit of sax before the end.

                The saxophone got me thinking of Wreckx N Effect, which is appropriately enough another tape from my youth, back from when all I wanted to do was a zoom-zoom and a boom-boom. 

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