Thursday, March 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: skin conditions “and other feelings” (Holy Infinite Freedom Revival Records)

                There are more than one different labels you could use to describe the sound of Skin Condition, as they present themselves throughout this tape at various times.    There is some fairly loud synth guitar and it can get distorted to make me think of some sort of bedroom indie pop.

                Throughout I can hear these sounds of something between High Pop and The Stereo.  There is also a bit of fuzz, sometimes it enters the –gaze world and occasionally it can be instrumental.   There are also some pop rocking drum beats, which I do enjoy.

                I always seem to be the last one to learn of new genres, especially when it comes to subgenres and the sort.  I always want to say “This combines shoegaze and pop punk, so can it be popgaze”, but I never know if someone has used that yet for a different sound or if the sound I’m describing already has an existing name and I’m just not aware of it.

                So without further adieu, I throw all cautions to the wind and decide right here and right now that I am going to craft my own name specifically for Skin Conditions.  If it already exists, then too bad.  If there is already another for this, double too bad.

                I am dubbing this music odd pop.  I was thinking “weird pop”, but I like how odd pop has an even number of letters, with both words being an equal three and all.   So yeah, the words have probably been linked together before, why not, but this definitely works in describing this most excellent tape as well. 

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