Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dark Half “Moon Through Dark Trees” (Third Kind Records)

                What begins as an ambient tape with bits of synth pop brings out some wah’s and “Tom Sawyer” like effects on the first side.  The instrumental songs channel the Oriental side of things, as many of these ambient type of cassettes tend to like to do, but I’m not going to complain because something about being in a sushi bar brings peace to my troubled mind.

                There are some bumblebee type noises before the birds come (And one of my many cats stared directly at the tape player, hearing the birds as well) so naturally some old story about the birds and the bees and them having sex with each other to create some sort of hybrid bird that can sting you comes into my mind.

                Guitar notes come through with blips of vocals.   Then we end Side A with something between The X-Files and a desolate version of Beverly Hills 90210. 

                Side B opens with what reminds me most of the old Return of the Jedi Atari 2600 game I used to play as a child (and in my later years as well) and there might also be some hints of Empire Strikes Back, which in some ways, the soundtrack to that particular game could be drone if played right.

                There is definitely a space sound to this, though we are supposed to be in the trees according to the titles, so perhaps the vibe here is of alien abduction.    Remember that movie “Fire in the Sky”?   I loved that movie, saw it in theaters.  That probably also explains a lot about me.

                The sounds of drinking glasses being played go on a loop before we hear the gong of the earliest theme of The Undertaker.    Before all is said and done an audio clip warns us of the zombie apocalypse and I’m not quite sure which darkness to be worried about most after hearing this cassette but it has at least kept me on my toes and creates an aura that has my mind juices flowing, which is always a good thing. 

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