Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sir Deja Doog “Burning Black and Blue” (Holy Infinite Freedom Revival Records)

                In this modern age of music, a man and an acoustic guitar seems to be somewhat overdone and unnecessary to hear again because of just the sheer number of people who have done it before, but I really like this Sir Deja Doog tape.

                More than anything else, these songs have a quality to them of folklore more than just being folk music.   I feel like I’m being told the story of Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox, but then I also begin to think that maybe this is even more like being told of Davy Crockett and I like that quite better.

                Along the lines of that one Sage Francis song about Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash himself and The Night Watchman (aka Tom Morello), Sir Deja Doog finds a way to do what is right with an acoustic guitar and his voice, whereas so many others seem to just go out and see how badly they can butcher it.

                The vocal styles are certainly distinct, and for that this can be a little bit odd, but it is only really odd in a good way.   The lyrics also range from being about Christopher Dorner (Google him if you don’t remember) to pretty much having the “Me Against the World” vibe, which is always something I can relate to, and perhaps deep down inside we can all feel the same way at one point in our lives.

                I feel like I should say that this will take time to grow on you, because I feel like it’s more of an acquired taste than a straight up folk punk cassette, but really, this should become your friend right from the start and folk punk (and things along that line) will always excel on cassette.

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