Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Raw Thug “Sugar Pills” (Loin Seepage)

                Throughout the course of this tape, the instrumental songs range from experimental indie destructo noise right down to an almost improvised jazz feel.   One of the funniest things about this cassette also is that when listening to it, more than once Gina remarked, “Ow! My ears!”. 

                This is to the tune of its own beat.   It’s sloppy, but on purpose.   It’s controlled chaos.  It’s noise on some level as well, but not the typical noise because it does sort of expand beyond that.   The horns are there, and that is part of the expansion, sure, but on a whole this is just on its own plane.

                There are also some lasers on here, which is always appreciated, and the title track has him rapping over drumbeats about sugar pills because, well, it’s the title track.  

                Mostly, this is taking the sounds of the instrumental or weird type of hip hop that can be found on cassettes these days and mixing it with the noise/experimental indie rock bands that can be found on tapes as well.   The crossover is quite interesting and I’m feeling it.

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