Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Interview # 166 ::: Elaine Rasnake

1)     Being (mostly) instrumental, had you ever thought to put out your music under a name that would mask your gender, so as people would listen to it and have that sort ambiguity, if you will?  I mean, you could easily be “Tree Bark Blues” or something and no one would know what gender was the making the music, which in a lot of ways I like because I think it keeps the playing field level.  (Though it shouldn’t be completely hid, only if at first to perhaps curb some judgment)
2)     If you were to record and release music under a name such as “Tree Bark Blues” (which I have no idea why I just came up with it but I did), what name would you choose?  Did you have any ideas you ended up rejecting?
3)     You have an EP called “By Land/By Sea” and you are from Pennsylvania.  Should we expect more history themed titles in the future?   For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls?
4)     You’ve just released “Vowels at 120”, which is a concept album.  Do you feel that the idea of concept albums has been overdone or just needs to be brought back if done properly?
5)     I also feel like “Vowels at 120” is a good learning tool for children, but not in a Raffi way.  What are your thoughts on this?
6)     What are the chances of us seeing “Vowels at 120” released as a cassette?
7)     My question for this year to explore now:  Why is music one of the only art forms to seemingly be allowed to progres backwards in ways?  People will still produce vinyl, yet with something like television you’ll never find someone wanting to be “retro” or a hipster and go out and buy a black and white tv.

1) No I have never considered putting out my music under a gender neutral name. I can see why having it under that kind of name could allow more listeners but the gender should not matter. In the end, I am just letting the listener know up front, who has created the music.
2) I am not sure what kind of name I would choose. Call me super uncreative, but I have never been able to come up with band names. At least, I haven't been able to think of something I would always want to stick with.
3) Haha no probably not. By Land/By Sea actually is just a grouping of the two track ideas. Trumpet Boy is a soundscape that puts the listener in a city setting while The Water Sets Us Free has ocean sounds and water themes within it.
4) I do not think that the idea of concept albums have been overdone. People come up with different concepts that can work as individual albums all the time and they should be able to do it as much as they want. As long as they are expressing some idea, that's what should matter most.
5) I mean, it could teach kids since it's exploring vocal sounds and vowels but I never really had that in mind when I was creating this album. It was more about exploring human vocal sounds and really condensing it down to basic ideas for people to tap their foot to.
6) Probably a very slim to none chance. It was more of a fun project and concept to explore but to never really be widely distributed through a physical medium.
7) I think it is able to be so nonlinear because all music is based off of each other in some way or another, no matter how old it is. Also, as a musician, it is always exciting to explore and revisit old sounds and genres to find some modern concept within it to run with. As for music mediums, I think people find enjoyment of listening to vinyl versus CDs or mp3s because it has a warmer or a "more real" feeling since the music is literally in the grooves of the vinyl record. 
8) I am hoping to create more music in the future and not just instrumental/ambient music. Right now, I am just using my bandcamp as a digital portfolio of all of the music I have created (which can possibly change genres every now and then until I find something to settle down with). Thank you again for the interview, I really enjoyed it!E

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