Friday, February 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Sparkle Motion “Monochromatism”

                All too recently, I reviewed the cassette tape by Sparkle Motion and just like that there is new music up.   This is what I like to think of as a maxi-single, which is something that can be typically found on CD as opposed to cassette and believe me I used to buy these a lot when I was a teen.

                Thinking back to it, I remember buying singles on CD for bands like Pearl Jam who had songs like “Jeremy” or “Alive” on single and they weren’t any different from the album version except that the bonus tracks were songs you could only get that way which sometimes included live versions.

                This is the type of music that Sparkle Motion should release as a maxi-single on CD at a price of anywhere from $3 to $5 depending upon how much it would cost to make, but here is my formula for how to do it (and on the not expensive side)

                The cover would be a single page insert, cover art on the front side and the back would be blank white.   This is how most CD singles operated, whether they were maxi-singles or not.

                The CD tray would be black, and then the back would have the song titles listed with their length underneath them and it’d all be centered.  This would be placed inside a circle, perhaps the outline of a CD or record.

                I am getting ahead of myself, but the CD itself could simply be written on sharpie or a label could be printed out with some sort of software depending on how fancy you wanted it to be.   Really, I could make a mock up for how this would look in Photoshop, but you know, I’m not a record label per se and nobody asked me to do this.

                But since this single + remixes + covers is available to download for free, you should offer some sort of physical way for the kids to buy it and give the monies these songs justly deserve.   Plus, while I fully understand the MP3 concept with iPods and what not, I still want this on CD so I can crank the cover of “Cars” while driving.  (You know, if I drove)

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