Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Armadillo “Dollar / Someone Who Cares” (Peacebath Records)

                One of the things that I love most about hearing a band for the first time is that feeling you get when you can say, “This band sounds like ______, only not”.   It’s not always the best feeling if you don’t like who they sound like to begin with or if they don’t do them justice, but when it clicks it is just a thing of pure beauty.

                Though these are only two songs, they pull from a punk rock n roll source that can bring out something between Led Zeppelin and The Replacements.  Yet, there are also undertones of Nirvana with some feedback and hints of the Damn Personals.

                I also need to shout out “Empire Records” as a soundtrack, Trail of Dead and Cadillac Blindside before saying that this in the slightest possible ways also sounds like Franz Ferdinand and/or U2. 

                Really though, this is just loud.  And it rocks.  It’s loud rock.  If that’s not a genre, it should be now, if only because I’m tired of saying “This sound like The Replacements, only not” and not being able to define the band.   Then again, we could just call this Armadillo and watch them forge their own sound.

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