Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CD REVIEW: PARTLI CLOUDI “Two Moron Ever Nose” (Arachnidiscs Recordings)

                When I think of this PARTLI CLOUDI album, I think of it as being two different acts.   There is an opening portion and a closing portion.  I don’t know if this was intended or not, but it does seem like a split within itself in certain ways.

                The first traits that stick out to me on this CD are the sounds of beats and noises of some experimental nature being played out behind what are audio clips.   In some ways, yes, this does just seem like answering machine messages being set to beats to kind of form music/songs.

                It might be coincidental, but there is a guy on one song talking about how easy it is to go to Asia and he reminds me of the guy who was going on about playing in the snow over on the TRANZMIT cassette.   Are they related?  If I was playing music in the snow Asia might seem worth investing my time in.

                This answeringmachinecore only covers the first half or so of this CD though, as the audio clips eventually go away and we get into something closer to field recordings.  There are the sounds of animals which could be anything from dogs howling to cats calling—either way, my cats are put on guard.

                What I like about this CD most is that it kind of puts you in a nice mood, and for all extent and purposes it is somewhat upbeat to start.   But then as it progresses it becomes a bit mellower until it eventually ends and makes you feel relaxed.   In a lot of ways, that is how most all albums should flow.

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