Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: MBD / Sorcerer Torturer split

                This is a split between two different bands, which each take two songs per side.   It’s funny because these bands do sound somewhat similar, and possibly at war with each other, despite their being different. 

                It’s almost as if each band is telling the same story, just in their own way so it’s slightly different from the version you heard before.

                This is the sound of ham radios having angry sex.   This is distorted noise all around, and especially on the second track of MBD I had to turn it down because it began hurting my ears.

                Is there a record label called “Bleeding Ears”?   If so, this needs to be on it.

                Not everyone might understand this or like it, but I can feel the suffering.  I have empathy for what is going on here and I do enjoy this a bit.

For more info on MBD, please email: and for info on Sorcerer Torturer and this split tape in general, please do visit 

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