Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CD REVIEW: BABEL “STURM und DRANG” (Arachnidiscs Recordings)

                With regards to their other CD, this piece by BABEL is quite different and possibly even the opposite as far as song structures go.   It is fairly normal in terms of the quantity of songs as well as their individual lengths.  

                I realize that “normal” is a relative term, especially in music, so I don’t want you think that at all reflects this album as being in any way normal in the general sense of things.

                These songs do seem to possess a certain sense of rhythm though, which almost makes them closer to normal than not, but there are enough other qualities to pull this back down to an abnormal reality for me.

                There is some amazing drum work on these songs and it even gets close to something like jungle beats at times, but doesn’t quite exactly make it there.   What will probably stick out most about this CD to me in the long run are the undertones of the western style of music.

                I’m not talking about your grandfather’s western though.  This is like something straight out of “Django Unchained” and I love it for that.

                On a side note, I read that these songs were all improvised and I also really respect the sound of this CD for that as this is one of the finest releases I have ever heard and it’s something so much more than the noise/instrumental/experimental genres.         

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