Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Tanner Garza “Program Repeats”

                I’m not going to count how many Tanner Garza reviews I’ve done so far.  I do know that this is my fourth cassette tape of his, mainly because I can count the tapes as I have them stored away for easy access to listen to again.   (There are the two in fancy packaging, “Lucid” and then this one)

                But I have been listening to Tanner Garza, and his various other projects, a lot via download and I have been writing reviews even if they aren’t posted when you’re reading this, but the thing is, I’m still not entirely sure how he makes the noises that he makes.

                I’ve had a bad habit since I was a child of wanting to know how things worked.   I remember taking my G.I. Joes apart with my dad, just so we could see what was inside and then put them back together.  As such, I have experimented with various forms of music on my own (I had a guitar and drum machine in my youth, but now have a keyboard and various other computer related instruments) but still cannot figure out how this is being made.

                It is the soft whirr of a helicopter, only it is not as loud as you’d think.   You know how helicopters have a very distinct sound?   Now, you know how car engines sound?   Well, imagine how a car engine sounds compared to one of those engines that are supposed to be silent because of the mechanics of it.  Now imagine a helicopter having that sort of silent but not completely silent sort of sound to its blades propelling around.

                Aside from imagining this as being an instrument which rotates, I also think that there is a greater rotation going on here, and no I don’t just mean because of the earth on the whole.   It is really rather fascinating and spiritual in ways as well though to think about the loops being within loops and all of that. 

                If nothing else, this tape should enlighten you, perhaps help you to relax and find peace.  But this is the only tape made for “Program Repeats” so you’ll have to download it.  You can also be sure to award Mr. Garza some of your money because this is certainly worth it.

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