Thursday, February 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Tanner Garza “Lucid” (Static Reason Recordings)

                The cassette “Lucid” has many facets to them.  Sometimes it loops, sometimes it come through in waves, but at the beginning it has a lot of bird sounds that seem to leave the most lasting impression on me.
                Ever since I can remember, my dad has always been really big into birding.  Not in the way that the guys in that Steve Martin movie were, but in the way that he can tell you pretty much what any type of bird you see is.

                I’ve always admired this about him and I’ve also always thought that knowledge is power.   Having a two year old son now, some time ago (within the past year) I decided that I should also embark upon this knowledge. 

                I decided that I wanted to know what kind of bird was what so that if my son was to ask, “What kind of bird is that?” I could reply with something more than “A brown one”.    I also decided upon the same thing only with flowers.

                The beginning of this tape, which then sets the entire mood of “Lucid” for me, is being taken to a vast, empty field with no one or nothing around except for you and a lot of talkative birds.  It’s very relaxing, very calm and peaceful.   It’s also very satisfying because, you know, of the whole bird thing.

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