Thursday, February 13, 2014

CD REVIEW: D/A/D “The Construct”

                It is hard for me to continuously write the name of this band that is somewhere between AC/DC and Dads, two bands that I’ve heard of before but never actually heard per se.   Nonetheless, D/A/D has the soundtrack to some sort of 1980’s movie with a 1990’s sequel.

                It’s not that it’s Beverly Hills Cop, because I use that comparison a lot, but it is something along those lines.   This is also mostly instrumental, though on some tracks there are guests and so one has female vocals and I’m thinking of Cyndi Lauper doing the Goonies theme or just Debbie Gibson and Tiffany because I like the movie they did together.  (The sci-fi one, you pervs)

                So even though I’m not entirely sure what movie this might be a soundtrack to exactly, I’m pretty sure that it has a boat chase in it, probably with one of those boats that goes on land and in water. 

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