Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Stag Hare “Angel Tech” (Space Slave)

                “Angel Tech” begins with some ambient wooshing, Knight Rider-like synth (ala a helicopter also) and the stomping of a drumbeat.  I’m not sure if we’re taking off, but it also sounds like we’re about to kick into “Baba O’Riley”.

                And then the vocals kick in and throw of my whole ambient/instrumental theory.    Well, in some ways this could be ambient still, but it’s not instrumental.  You know, I really wish there was a word for the type of band that this is though. 

                When not instrumental, I think of bands as having as many vocals as they do music, though sometimes you get that guitar solo or breakdown, so really it should be something like… I don’t know, they should have an equal amount of vocals and music but sometimes maybe a little more music.

                Music is all math anyway, so if you’re willing to say that the average has maybe 60% music and 40% vocals, accounting for the non-vocal parts which often occur, then on that spectrum Stag Hare is something like 80/20 I’d say. 

                Essentially, Stag Hare has a sound like U2 or the Polyphonic Spree, but they are heavy on the music and less on the vocals, though they do have vocals.   Should they be called not-quite-instrumental?  Almost instrumental?  80/20?  I’m not going to say what a good name is, but we do need to come up with something for this specific group of less vocals and more music.

                In any event, this is quite good whether there are vocals or not and it just really caught me off guard because I was expecting it to be instrumental, but then it didn’t turn post rock so much as just into its own little shell.

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