Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Gorges “Our throats, like valleys” (Abandon Reason)

                When listening to music that can be defined somewhere between ambient and noise, it can become difficult to say something about it other than the fact that it is somewhere between ambient and noise. 

                While Gorges has a high quality of drone to it, there is also another factor in here that can help to differentiate between such vague and repetitive boundaries.    The music of Gorges has an added element of something that sounds hymnal to me, such as a chamber choir perhaps.

                Now I understand that there is an entire genre of music dedicated to the chamber choir and that’s not what I’m specifically referring to at all.   Remember when those Monks had that album become really popular?  Yeah, this doesn’t sound like that.

                Though I could argue that this has the sound of a drone and noise album that was perhaps created by a Monk, which in many ways speak for it and just gives this an all around unique take on a genre that I am certainly enjoying.

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