Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sparkle Motion “Songs for Ghosts” (self-released)

                I’m not sure why I like music that is self-released so much and I’m also not really sure why I always think self-released music means that it’s going to be someone singing with an acoustic guitar.   It’s probably because of when I think of something being self-released, I think of it being all done by one person, yet something can be “self-recorded” and feature a band with more members than Parliament. 

                Sparkle Motion creates music that is on the dance pop side of rock, but only in the most enjoyable of ways.   There are beats for days.  It reminds me of some of my other friends like Work Drugs or Observer Drift, so of course that gets the obligatory reference to the (early) work of Hellogoodbye as well.

                This is really quite good and it reminds me of a time before compact discs existed and you would go to a party with a ghetto blaster and crank this sound out for all to hear.  Sure, you could put it in the stereo, at some time during the night or maybe at another party, but you want to introduce this and have it arrive on the scene out of portable speakers.     

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