Thursday, February 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Secretcat “Numeral”

                This particular cassette came to me wrapped in a piece of paper about some French magazine with a blonde lady on it.   I have a notebook in which I have been keeping notes about all of my cassette reviews, and so I used said paper to become the cover of my notebook.   It’s an interesting little note, at least I think, in terms of how the notebook got its look for when it is one day completed and maybe examined by future generations.

                The sound of Secretcat cannot be pinpointed into one genre of music, but it can be meshed into a series of different genres that all have the same underlying theme in some ways.   At first, this comes on fairly strong as synth punk, which reminds me of Space Boyfriend and to some extent The Killers (Though not in a bad way because I do fully accept that there are bands out there just ripping The Killers off)

                As the punk sound moves on, it begins to channel bands like The Beans, The Hippos and even Reel Big Fish on some level (Though there aren’t the ska horns, you know) we also get into some undertones of a band that no one probably remembers called 2 Skinnie J’s.

                There are slight renderings of a song such as “I’m Not Okay” by My Chemical Romance and then even a slower pace takes over ala Queen, but overall this music just has a rock quality to it, a punk rock quality even on some level, but it’s not punk rock… if that makes any sense


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