Thursday, February 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: bare pale “if it is” (Rok Lok Records)

                It will never cease to amaze me when a band has a song that is also the name of their band.   Sure, an album title and song title shared makes for the titular track, and I do like to type the word “titular” but is there a special name for that time when a band has a song named after themselves?

                If nothing else, it will always bring me back to the song that was once recorded between the two ska bands Pilfers and Reel Big Fish.   Those were crazy times, but yet, bare pale doesn’t quite have the same effect in the bandular (?) track.

                At times bare pale can sound like Nirvana, but also, on the whole, this is just some serious fuzzgaze, which of course brings up the instant comparison to the band The Cherry Wave, whom I consider to be the fuzzgaze pioneers.   So obviously, this is much good then.  

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