Thursday, February 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Rod Hamilton “Comeback Ranch”

                When I first started listening to this cassette, my obvious choices for comparison came out by the bunches.  It’s instrumental synth wave that has elements of electro-slowcore, ambient on some levels and just a number of other words I could make up and apply to musical genres.

                I might be watching too many things about being under the sea (My son wants to be an oceanographer, we think) but this has hints of a Koi pond to it as well.   Although if not a Koi pond, I’m pretty sure this might be taking place in some sort of fish tank.

                And then, all at once, like a ton of fish it hits me.   This isn’t about the ocean at all.  No.  Like that guy from that channel who has been turned into many memes, this is about… aliens.

                I can hear the Robot Alien Distress Signal coming out in these songs and I only hope that rather than be punished for stumbling upon it, I am awarded for my intelligence and spared when the invasion occurs.   Any minute now… Any minute… (Please just remember I am a friendly)

[Editor's Note: To further add to my conspiracy theory, I cannot find any links to where one could purchase this cassette.   Coincidence or a means of not wanting to upset the Robot Alien Overlords?]

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