Thursday, February 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Regular Fucked Up People (Already Dead)

                We’re all just regular fucked up people and it’s about time somebody took the time to make mention as such.   After seeing this band name, I wonder why anyone would ever name their band anything else.   Are you not a man, but rather a mouse and a modest one at that?  Why is your mouth on fire?

                Something about this band name really brings us all together on the level that we’re all the same.  It’s the whole notion that we all have problems, no one really had a good upbringing and for that we are all the same and hopefully stronger for it as well.

                It’s like the song lyric by Streetlight Manifesto: “and don’t you squint at me because your childhood was the pits / every single one of us have trodden through our shit”. 

                Aside from sounding like a much better version of Hole, in that thrash as well as grunge way, Regular Fucked Up People also have dream pop and that Buddy Holly good time rock n roll feel as well, which just overall really makes this one superb cassette.  

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