Thursday, February 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: No Monster Club “Posthumous Hits” (Already Dead)

                At first I thought that the name of this band was discriminating to monsters.  But then I realized that these are most likely posthumous hits because this band was in fact eaten by monsters. 

                This is so many songs that it does make me think it’s an entire collection of their body of work after they broke up.   It’s kind of sad because I wish this was a band that still existed, but alas, I cannot make bands stay together no matter how hard I try.

                These songs are somewhere between garage and surf.  They’re faster paced and can be fuzzy as well.   They are somewhere between Buddy Holly at times and also The Monkees even though I think I remember hearing someone say somewhere once that The Monkees weren’t a real band.

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