Monday, December 16, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Yellow Hyperballs “Licking Teeth” (Always Human Tapes)

                Yellow Hyperballs begins their cassette “Licking Teeth” with what sounds like a metronome and some beats.  I feel like this is not the first time that I’ve heard the metronome sound on a song, possibly even on cassette, but I often confuse reality with dreaming (It’s how I broke my toe) so I’ll just pretend like this is maybe my first time hearing it. 

                The fascinating thing about the sound of Yellow Hyperballs is that they take on a musical journey from Sound A to Sound B, but do so flawlessly, which makes it all that much more incredible of a transition.

                At first, you get put into this sort of industrial sound, which reminds me a lot of early Nine Inch Nails and maybe even makes me want to seek out “Pretty Hate Machine” on cassette.   This is what I like to call “Sound A” and it’s the industrial portion of the tape.

                “Sound B” shifts to the 8bit sound, which has these certain 8bit noises that seemingly sound like they’re stuck on a loop.   When I was kid we took a school trip to somewhere (I don’t remember where, but we traveled by bus) and we stayed in hotel rooms with something like ten kids per room.   One of my friends who stayed in the same room as me had a lot of music by bands like Front 242 and that made me think of this also.

                When the two sounds are crossing over and just on the whole, this also resembles the type of music associated with Invader Zim.  I’m just not 100% certain whether it would be the soundtrack to an episode or something a fan of the show might listen to recreationally. 

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