Monday, December 16, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Kevin Greenspon “Maroon Bells” (Bridgetown)

                My wife really likes the artwork on this cassette.   Not just on the actual tape itself, but the j-card and all as well.  I must admit, it is one of the better looking tapes I’ve seen lately and really do wish people would go back to putting as much effort into the packaging as they do the songs themselves.  (Okay, maybe not)

                This Kevin Greenspon tape is three songs per side, which I suppose is kind of like an EP but I’ve learned not to judge by number of songs.    These are more instrumental/ambient/experimental songs that expand upon what was previously heard on his cassingle.

                On the second song, there is this sound of paper crumbling and that adds this sort of interesting quality to the music on the whole. 

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