Monday, December 16, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dublin Duck Dispensary “Luanqibazao” (Already Dead)

                First and foremost, this band name always makes me think of Duck Dynasty.  Despite all of the merchandising and all of my redneck friends talking about it, I actually have never seen an episode of that show and probably never will, so there’s that.   Hence, I tend to instead refer to this band as “Triple D” because it just makes things so much easier.

                Many good influences come out in this band, and there is sort of static that I’m not certain isn’t caused by the band themselves.   It’s one of those Andy Kaufman deals where maybe this tape has just got the hiss because, you know, it’s a tape.  But at the same time, the band could be doing it as either part of their sound or just so I could fill a paragraph telling y’all about it.

                I like to call this indie electro fuzz rock, which really should have a more concise name than that, but it sounds kind of like early Weezer, Hum and/or Spacehog.  If you combined fuzz, indie, rock and electro you could spell “fire”, but that’d be a dumb genre name, right?  Right?

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