Monday, December 16, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Mandarin Dynasty “Perpendicular Crosstalk” (Bridgetown)

(Editor’s Note: This tape is available for purchase though the Bridgetown Records official website, but I cannot find it on Band Camp for some reason.  As of my typing this, there are six copies available)

                When I first started playing this tape it made a weird clicking noise.  I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or if it was trying to destroy the very fiber of my tape player and/or the tape itself.   That made me a little hesitant to continue listening to this tape, but I waited it out and by the second song the noise has disappeared.

                So, either a) It was an intentional part of the song or b) that part of the tape is just wonky.  In either case, I am no longer afraid to play the tape so there’s that.

                The sound itself on this tape is somewhere along the lines of High Pop almost, with that indie pop default almost to twee type of vibe.   It’s quite good and also the type of music you should appreciate on cassette.

                The best part about this tape (for me at least) is in one song there is a lyric about getting ready for a date that says “You plucked your mustache”.   Let the seeds forever be planted for the debate that bleaching a mustache just gives you the appearance of Robin Hood and doesn’t make it invisible. 

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