Monday, December 16, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Heckadecimal “94 E / 94 W” (Always Human Tapes)

                I realize a lot of people who are too young to have had records growing up love records for some reason now.  I always had cassettes growing up (Until CDs struck) and so I’ll relate to music a lot through that and, well, hearing new music just seems better when on cassette anyway.

                One of my earliest memories of music is listening to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on record, as my mom owned a copy, and then consequently my mom copied the record onto a cassette for me.  It was one of those older cassettes that had a brown label on it, which I could probably find if I googled it enough.

                Heckadecimal has those electro beats mixed with 8bit.   They like to make me scream and shout  “Super Mario Super Dance Party!”, but I can also hear a bit of “Thriller” coming out in the cassette.  That transports me back to my childhood, back to positive memories of my mom and the days when stereos had it set up so you could transfer your records to cassettes.

                In some bizarre universe, I probably own that Michael Jackson record of my mom’s now, and thus I collect and love vinyl like many other music nerds out there.   In reality, that record is most likely tucked away in my mom’s closet with my dad’s Bob Dylan records.   And thus, I am a cassette nerd, which is fine by me.  

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