Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Window Kits s/t and “Moon Museum” (Treasure Records)

                When I found Window Kits on Band Camp  (by searching for cassettes, naturally), I listened to the self-titled album, fell in love with the first song, and then ended up buying the tape.  Along with the self-titled cassette came another tape called “Moon Museum” and I have been loving them both.

                In addition to a bonus tape, I also received two pins, two rock type pieces of art things that look like they did come from a museum and a piece of paper with a thank you on it.  Oh, and the note attached also said that I am the first person in Connecticut to get anything from Window Kits.  Suck it, loser state; I’m putting you on the map!

                Window Kits is, for all extents and purposes, a folk punk act.   It’s basically a guy playing the acoustic guitar and singing about his problems.   What I like about Window Kits that helps them stand out over most everyone else is their wordplay.

                In the course of one song, they can go from throwing actual objects to throwing insults as well as in general just twisting around all of the different meanings of the same word.  In that sense, it reminds me of Kimya Dawson or someone along those lines, so I really do like it because of that.

                As a folk punk act, Window Kits is okay, both in terms of music and vocal ranges.  But when you listen to those plays on words, you just know Window Kits stands above and beyond all of the notions you’ve ever had about music.


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