Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Having Antlers “Remedial” (Turn of the Century Records)

                There is no way to determine which side of this tape is which, as neither are marked, but if I recall correctly the song that begins with the “Woo!” is the start of Side A.    These six songs (three per side) span the entire course of pop punk to emo, drawing comparisons to such bands as Saves the Day, Count the Stars, Allister and Ultimate Fakebook.

                On the flip side, you get a little bit more musically complicated and it doesn’t sound as much like your prototypical pop punk.  It verges into that territory of a band like Piebald, complete with lyrics like “Maybe next time I won’t forget where I parked my car”.

                While it may not seem so at first, this tape does pick up as it goes along and thankfully only gets better.  I still have a Saves the Day/the Stryder sampler tape from EVR oh-so-many years ago, and this cassette reminds me of that.


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