Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sing Leaf “Watery Moon” (Chill Mega Chill)

                First and foremost, if you’re wondering why this tape is sold out it’s because someone opened the link, saw that there was only one remaining and quickly purchased it.  I will not name any names in regards to whom, though.

                Sing Leaf has the vocal qualities of a band like Flaming Lips or possibly The Benjamins, yet they have the musical qualities of something a little bit more offbeat.  Yes, there are somewhat traditional bands coming out in here to some extent.  “Lady Picture Show” era Stone Temple Pilots, The Police (Especially on song #4) and the slightest hint of Modest Mouse can be found.

                But on the whole, this band takes an indie turn for the better as their sound captures that of a band such as Circa Survive or Portugal. The Man.   Sure, there are also some hints of Bob Dylan in the vocals, but if you’re looking for that indie rock band type sound with that extra added something, then I say Sing Leaf is for you.

                This also sounds most excellent on cassette and I do not wish to hear it any other way except for live.

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