Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Hammemit “The Ghostliere Morrowe” (Fort Evil Fruit)

                Once again, I find myself on the wrong side of a difficult to describe cassette tape.  I knew my love for cassettes would only end up getting me into trouble, but I didn’t for see it as a reason why I would think up multiple ways to describe the music of the ambient drone.

                What you need to know about Hammemit (Other than the fact that spellcheck likes nothing about their name or album title) is that they have a drone and ambient quality, sure, but they are also more of the dark ambient persuasion. 

                There are some strings and things that flutter about, the occasional guitar notes here and there, but mostly this is something that sets a mood and the mood it sets can be either peaceful or eerie depending upon your particular taste.

                Yes, the fact that this album has the word ghost in the title should not be lost on you, although it is not really a scary ghost, just kind of a musical ghost perhaps.   There seems to be no ill intent, just someone who wants you to hear their song even though they’ve died.

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