Thursday, September 5, 2013

The New Diet [Interview # 136]

1)      1)Your sound is somewhere between two existing ends of genres:  perhaps garage/lo-fi and shoegaze.   Is there a name for this new sound you’ve created?  Might I suggest sho-fi?
2)      2) What is the new diet exactly?  Because it seems like everyone who has this great diet idea (Atkins) eventually dies from it.
3)      3) I really like my doctor, but sometimes I have to see what I like to call a junior doctor (or Jr Dr) and he asked me once if I had a diet.  Isn’t what you eat automatically your diet, thus my diet consists of coffee, water, pasta, cereal and pizza.  Doesn’t that seem like a bad question for a Jr Dr to ask?  It’s like asking me if I’m alive, you know.
4)     3)  You have a split cassette on Already Dead, as well as your newest album is on cassette but sold out.  Do you agree with me that cassettes are the optimal form of recorded musical playback?
5)      4) Also, would you ever have Already Dead do a re-release for “Common Cold” on cassette?
6)      5) If the common cold is so common, why is there no cure for it?
7)      6) How is music in the city that C.M. Punk built?

8)      7) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??

1)   Why-Fi?  Over our 10 year existence we never sat down and actually talked about what our sound was going to be;   When we get together in the moldy sound quarters, there's that first chord that's strummed and a heart beat is put behind it.  Next thing we know we're riding on a drunk emotional train rant.  It's certainly organic; you can't think some of this bullshit up, but I think it's accessible to most ears for that reason. No password required to access our signal.   In conclusion we don't know why we sound the way we do, and maybe it's best for other ears determine that for us because it's likely to keep morphing into a new FI.  new-fi-et.

2) We were pegged "NEW DIET" by an unemployed master POP producer named Brian Broscoe, and these were his ideas exactly... "KILL PEOPLE WITH SYNTHETICS,AND MAKE LOTS OF MONEY DOING IT HAHUHAHAHAUHA!!".   When we discovered he was up to no good; it was too late to change our name!  We couldn't ditch the hard core fan base we worked so hard for; it's not easy making 10 fans man.  The new NEW DIET should be much more organic.

3) That's malpractice, I would sue.  If I may act as your JR JR DR I would ask if your current diet working?  And if you tell me you haven't shit in days... Well, I would prescribe you 1200mg of S.O.L. butt should be just fine.  

4/5)  We have a split 7' record out on Already Dead Tapes, and the sold out Common Cold tape out on Manic Static.  Our plan is to re-release Common Cold ourselves on Tape with a compilation of demos and epic jams from Patty Sue Kelley's basement.  We had the best time down there drinking 2 dollar bottles of wine and just going for it!  
     I agree, cassettes are warm and warbly.   Cassettes force you to listen to an album, the way it should be.  It's convenient to pick through songs on your Itunes player, but you might miss out on what an album is trying to convey that way.  It's all preference, but I personally get satisfaction to hear a body of work.  
                 We have an LP coming out on Already Dead Tapes & Records in 2013.  Format is undecided, but wouldn't it be cool to have a tape and record?  

6) There are many strands of the virus making it hard to pin point, but when the religious outlets stop instilling fear into men, woman, and children we'll have progress. 

7) C.M.PUNK has a message for all of us.  The Chicago music scene is sprouting the varieties of MINES, paper mice, animal city, health and beauty. husband material, the funs, house of normandie, Maren Celest ect...  We can go all day, but I hope people take ownership of their city and discover something they like to hear, because it's all here for them to have.  We don't have to let major media outlets tell us whats good when there's something really amazing in your backyard, find your cure.

8)  Why does that asshole Zach Braff have a kickstarter?  Please Check out Already Dead Tapes & Records and look out for our LP.   Thanks! This was fun!

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