Thursday, September 5, 2013

Velma and the Happy Campers [Interview # 137]

1)      Why is the band named after the girl from Scooby Doo?
Well I sort of resemble Velma in real life. Brown hair and glasses that seem to fall off in very bad situations. Plus I always liked the name.2)     Is there really such a thing as a happy camper?
Probably. I guess as far as the band goes right now no. I play one man band style currently playing drums with my feet. I started out alone and that was one of jokes about the "band" that nothing about the "band" was happy.
3) You did an EP for the label called Voices Green and Purple, which has a rule that the total length cannot be more than three minutes long.   What was that like?
Pretty cool but Voices Green and Purple is one of my projects. I really like the idea of really short songs and especially something somebody could do easily in an afternoon. I kind of started it as a challenge to myself as a songwriter and have been trying to convince others to give it a shot. I've actually done two eps. One was the Velma EP and the other was for my other project Pathetic Sex. There's another velma ep in the works but I don't know when it will be ready. I've done art for a few of them as well.
4)     Did someone ever give that guy a hug?
No. The hugee is referring to me.  I'm not the biggest fan of touching but I'm getting better.
5)     You have a split tape out now with Half Undressed, and your Band Camp description says trades are always welcome.  Would you trade me one for some homemade artwork?
DUH!!! I LOVE TRADES!!! I try to trade with anybody I can. Especially when I can afford to.

6)     Do you believe there is some kind of vast conspiracy that sent the dinosaurs into spaceships and they are now living on a different planet?
Yes. They are symbols of isolation in my head therefore they are still alive on other planets. Totally the work of the "govment."

7)     Will there ever be a sequel to “Songs About Parking Lots and the Things You Find There”?
Yes. I've been working on one for sometime now. I just need more songs that I can throw into the parking lots territory. Maybe it will just be field recordings of parking lots.... I don't know.
8)     Stevie Wonder recently vowed to never play Florida again unless something something happens, I don’t know, the news is boring.  Don’t you think we could just send Stevie Wonder to Florida and tell him he’s in Georgia or somewhere?  How would he know?
The news is boring and also depressing. I guess that makes Stevie Wonder like a good chunk of the other artist who skip Florida which drives me bonkers. I get excited when I see list of tour dates and get very angry when I see they are going to Atlanta and passing straight by Florida. That has been going on forever. It will probably never change.

 Stevie Wonder has a built in GPS. It talks like the lady version of Morgan Freeman. Everyone knows that.

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