Monday, September 16, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Austra ”Olympia”

                As a fan of music, I’ve always listened to a lot of music: most anything and everything.   As a writer, this has made me subscribe to the belief that the more music I listen to, the easier it becomes to review music.   This would be because I’d have a larger pool of sources to pull from for comparison.

                However, with Austra my ideas have been crushed.  

                Immediately, initially with my gut reaction, I want to compare Austra as a livelier, full of more beats version of someone such as Florence Welch or maybe even Adele.   The music never gets too crazy or deep into the electronica sound, but it is just enough to leave me satisfied and it’s a step above the two previously mentioned artists somehow as well.

                I would also draw the somewhat obvious comparisons with artists such as Ladytron (a given when this type of synth fueled pop rock is present) and even Polly Scattergood, but nowadays I hear her in everything that I like.

                I’ve been listening to “Olympia” for a while now, and I believe the best reason to listen to this album is that in the time I’ve spent listening to it, it has really grown on me.   A lot of my music used to grouped together and I didn’t know what was what—just that I liked it.   And now I’ve got to the point where I can identify this as being the “dance for free” band, which to me says a lot.

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