Monday, September 9, 2013

Crash of Rhinos [Interview # 146]

1)     Is a group of rhinos really called a crash?  I thought they’d be a herd or something generic..
Yes, really.
2)     You have done work with noted labels such as Big Scary Monsters, Top Shelf Records and more.  How is it that you just keep jumping your awesome label to awesome label?
It just happened.
3)     Out of the bands in the UK that rock like you, who would you pick to come and tour the States with you?
Hmmm, Oasis.
4)     Somehow, your band has five singers, meaning everyone sings.  Isn’t that like having too many chiefs and not enough Indians?  (I can say that, my grandmother is a quarter Native American)  And how do the groupies know who to sleep with if there is no lead singer?
5)     If you were a professional wrestler, would your name be “Rhino” or “Rhyno”?
6)     Final thoughts, shout outs to the new royal baby, etc…??

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