Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Inverted Orange s/t (Prison Art)

                The look of this tape is very white.  I would say it’s very d.i.y. but rather I believe it to be intentionally simplistic.    The way the sides are marked “A” and “B” with white on white just makes you think this was not done to cut costs so much as was their artistic liberty.

                The j-card inside is somewhat simple and very white, but yet it is still printed on somewhat of a glossy paper.   Had this been on the sort of paper could tell came out of either a home printer or Kinko’s copy machine, this could be more toward the home made side of things, but it has more of a professionally made feel to it than that.

                If the packaging is intended to be one of minimalism, then the music itself is quite the opposite.   The songs range from surf rock (which opens the tape) to that of the post-punk meets FNL meets some form of indie rock that reminds me of Thursday without the hardcore in it.

                While this has tags for being experimental and psychedelic on Band Camp, I don’t really hear that quite as much as the smooth sounds of a project that perhaps could have been the idea behind New Order making an album whilst surfing in Hawaii.

                One noticeable thing about these songs as well is that with all the rock going on and especially the surf coming into play, The Inverted Orange really doesn’t tread into the grounds of garage rock, which a lot of bands with qualities of surf tend to do.   I thought that was somewhat of a feat they accomplished there, whether intentional or not.

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