Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Pinball Summer s/t (AVRCRC)

                When it comes to listening to cassettes, you get a certain type of music that has found its way into the medium that seems to be just a perfect fit for it.    Somewhere between noise, at different levels of volume, mixed with that experimental sound and then The Lot Six is what I like to hear on tapes.

                Along with bands like Florida = Death, Pinball Summer is that perfect band to be heard on cassette.    They can even go acoustic ala “American Pie” (The song, not that awful movie) at one point, yet seemingly also be bordering the lines of seapunk ala .jpeg Artifacts. 

                This tape itself is one of my favorites and a must have for any collector of cassettes or fan of the band.   The insert folds out and has a color image on each side.   The image from the cover expands into a bare breast, while the opposite side is not skin. 

                There is a small insert about the band and label, which is nice.  It kind of serves the place of a business card perhaps, where as some tapes have found those inside in this cube of paper’s place, but this seems to be a less formal sort of way to convey the same message.

                And finally the tape itself: what a beautiful tape.   The front of this tape is just so colorful and reminds me so much of back when cassettes were the superior form of medium to all (not just me and some others out there)  If for no other reason, you should buy this tape just to stare at Side A in wonderment and think “How did I ever live without this?”

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