Monday, September 9, 2013

Battle Ave [Interview # 145 // Jesse Alexander]

1)      Have you ever played a show on the street known as Battle Avenue?  That might be an awkward show poster, right?
2)      You have a sound that is between something and something else.   Where do you get that from?
3)      Is New York cool again yet?
4)      You haven’t released any new music on your Band Camp since 2011.   Are there plans for new songs any time soon?
5)      How does it feel to be coming out of New York and not be shoegaze?

6)      Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??

1. The street known as Battle Ave. is a giant hill filled with senior citizens and uptight soccer moms. So I think the show itself would be awkward enough.
2. We "get" our sound from about as vague a place as that question came from. But the easiest answer would be that we listen to a lot of Television and Thin Lizzy, really guitar heavy acts, but vocally, I learned from a brand of singers that could do everything but sing.
3. I really don't know if New York City is cool. I doubt it. The city is painful to live in, so most of us don't. Upstate New York is beautiful, but filled with rich fucks from Long Island on vacation and fat Midwesterners looking for the site of the Woodstock festival. So... probably not.
4. We're in the process of writing and recording a sophomore effort tentatively called Lovers Lane. It's going to go in a lot of different directions.
5. Again, we're only partially based in the city, but I don't feel like NY has been known for shoegaze for a few years now. In any event, I don't particularly like shoegaze, so it feels pretty good to not be shoegaze.
6. Just excited to be writing music again..

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