Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things Fall Apart [Interview # 127]

1)      What is it like to be from the home of Christopher Columbus?

A) Luke my face, Luke my mother fuckie face. Am I luke happy?

2)      Usually bands do two way splits, but you actually have a four way split out there.   What was that like?

A) The 4 way split was pretty awesome to do. Those bands and us go way back as friends so it was definitely cool to have a release with them even though our styles were so different. 

3)      Your newest album, “American Depression”, is available on cassette.  Do you feel as if cassettes are the superior form of music playback?

A) we think the best music playback is YouTube on a ps3 with some buddies. Beer and buds are also welcome. All of our stuff is released for free by our friend dandy so that's why it's on tape.

4)      If all of someone’s friends hate your band, then are they not really your friend at all?

A) fuck em

5)      Do you feel like Hot Topic is killing the hardcore scene?

A) Hot Topic is incredible. It's a bark worthy store. Rrrooo!

6)      Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??

A) thanks for the random email interview. Be stoked for our next release American Depression II! We are hitting the road again soon and be ready to party with us. <3 

Love Otter & the rest of TFA

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