Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drinking Flowers [Interview # 128]

1)      I’m pretty sure that you can eat dandelions, but what flowers do you drink?  Is there really such a thing as dandelion wine?

I think we've dabbled with Chamomile, and I've had catnip tea, and I'm really interested in steeping Datura for a few hours.
I have no idea about dandelion wine....sounds terrible.

2)      There are a number of other bands with “Flowers” in their name, such as Longdrone Flowers, Plastic Flowers and Flowers Taped to Pens.   Would you ever get a tour together and call it the Flower Power tour?

Our name comes from a reference to a book called The End of a Primitive. I've never heard of these bands so no.

3)      Being from California, do you feel like your state will one day earthquake its way into either an island or underground city like Atlantis?
That would kind of rad actually, it would be cool if the future island colony defected from the USA and started a communist drug-fueled paradise.
I'd also be down with a cyberpunk city where everyone got around on hovercrafts that floated above water...defection would also be a prerequisite in this scenario.

4)      Your most recent album has been released on cassette by Lollipop Records.  What is that label like?  You know how when you go to the bank, they give out free lollipops?  That’s what I imagine Lollipop Records being like, but instead of candy they have free tapes near their desks.
Lolipop! Records is a group of friends and music lovers who own a shop in Echo Park (East Los Angeles). All of them play in bands too: Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel,  Feeding People, Froth, Adult Books,
Wyatt Blair etc etc. The label is cool, we're glad we're apart of it. They don't give out free tapes but i hear they give out free hugs.

5)      Do you agree with me that cassettes are the optimal form of musical playback?

No, it depends on your taste in music- if you love dubstep and super-technical death metal tape would probably suck, but then again if you like those things you probably also fall into the category of "suck". Tape and vinyl capture a lot of elements that digital devices do not. Digital is 0's, and 1's....and those are unnatural to your ears. If you're into nature and good music tape and vinyl are easiest on the ears.

6)      Your sound is somewhere between psychedelic and fuzz.  Is there a word that combines those two?  Fuzzedlic?  Psychuzz?  Can you invent one?
I could invent one, but I'd rather not. We really aren't interested in being pigeon-holed, we're really into make new music and adopting different approaches to writing.

7)      Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??
If you really think about it, why do humans even care about music? Where did it come from? If you sit down and think about music and art it is only rational to conclude that
it's radical to the core. Music isn't about just having a good time, and trying to get laid it's primal and rebellious, and I hope that this generations' rebellion spreads past fucking iphones and translates into something physical/spiritual/philosophical and real. 

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