Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gas Up Yr Hearse!! [Interview # 129]

1) Do you tour in a hearse as opposed to a van?
Nope! We talked about getting one but they're out of our price range right now. The east coast tour we just finished was done in a truck so we don't have a van either.

2) You’ve done a number of splits.   Are there any specific bands you haven’t done a split with that you would like to? 
We've only done two so far! I guess we do have a few more we're working on though. There's a six way split on Middle Man that's almost ready and a split five with Greyscale that we need to write for. Personally, I'd like to do splits with Afterlife Kids, Kilgore Trout, Dial-Up, Caust, Off Camber, Capacities, Neck First, The Pessimist Hangs the Optimist, The Usual, Foxmoulder, and whatever bands I like that are around right now that I forgot. Most importantly, Yusuke, because they're the cutest ever.

3) You seem to have made quite an impact in a short time.  Next February will be two years since your demo and I’d say you’re one of the most popular screamo bands right now.  What do you attribute that to?
We started in November of 2011 so two years as a band is coming up vaguely soon. Now I didn't know we were that popular. I mean I've seen touring bands have higher turnout in a random town than we do in central Illinois sometimes. Maybe it's internet fame? I have no clue. Pat and I are always online so that'd make sense. 

4) You are from Normal, Illinois, but John Goodman was in a show called Normal, Ohio. So who would star in a show based on your Normal?
Well we're actually living in Urbana, Bloomington, and Normal. If you want to get even more technical none of us were born there. I'm from Michigan. Matt's from Minnesota. Nelson's from Kentucky. Yeah. The quintessential Normal resident goes to ISU and is from the suburbs of the suburbs of Chicago. They're upper middle class, white, blonde, and really into partying. Someone like that would fit. By the way, Normal, IL isn't named after it being plain. A "normal school" is an old term for a teaching college. ISU is in Normal and was started as a teaching college, thus the town was named "Normal". If you made a joke about the name of the town it is not original or clever.

5) You have a split with Fire Academy on floppy disk (Really?) and a record of the Coma Regalia split.  Do you have any plans for cassettes in the works?
We actually released our demo and the new EP on tape. I think we're trying to stick with records now but tapes are easy enough to make if we decide we want to put something out. Oh, and yeah, we really did a floppy split. We're almost out of copies if anyone wants one.

6) Would you ever participate in or somehow make a Middle Man Records nationwide tour happen?
You'd have to talk to Shawn about that one! I do know that he is a very busy dude so I don't know how it'd go down. Plus he's put out so many bands that it'd be hard to choose who went on it. Gas Up has mentioned going out west though. That'd be an almost national tour.

7) Having your music described as screamo or emo violence is something that someone might not have appreciated ten years ago, but it seems to be making its comeback.   What are your thoughts on emo on the whole?
There's cool stuff and there's lame stuff. To a certain extent you can always find shit to get stoked on if you dig hard enough. I feel like once you start dropping out of the scene you enter into this self fulfilling cycle of getting bummed. With that said I'm not feeling the twinkly scene and all this poppy emo and screamo. Slow melodic hardcore with delay is boring. Tapping all the time is boring. Gang vocals are dumb. Writing records that are about girls and touring is dumb.

8) Do you feel like Hot Topic is killing hardcore music?
They killed metalcore a while ago. That's all. The only hardcore they come close to is bands from the 80s that get back together for money and that shit killed itself.  

9) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc... ?
I'm Kyle by the way. Shout outs to everyone that has helped us out.

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