Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Horace Grant [Interview # 130]

1)      In modern basketball, there are players that are compared to Michael Jordan, yet they really don’t have any Scottie Pippens, let alone Horace Grants.    Do you feel like to be successful as a band, like those Chicago Bulls, you need to have a team of all-stars and not just one star?

gib: i know nothing of sports. we used to be a 3-piece, and when band naming became a thing i was outvoted, but i actually think Horace Grant is pretty catchy. I went to one Bulls game as a kid, and saw these masters at work. Winning isn't everything. Sportspersonship is important, as is songwriting and teamwork.

lb: in that you need to have as many stars in one band as possible. i won't be in bands with non-famous people, or plebes. stars only. and, if i were to think about myself as a member of the bulls, i am definitely bj armstrong. stars!
2)      Do you feel as if Horace Grant is a fashion trendsetter with his glasses?

gib: I had those glasses when i played basketball in like 6th grade. i'm surprised i don't remember them fogging up. glasses must've been made differently back then.

lb: at the time it was just utilitarian for him. but really, he didn't fully realize how influential he would be for all glasses wearers who engage in strenuous activities, such as playing drums or plowing a field.
3)      The Illegal Wiretaps are taking a break after releasing 54 consecutive albums.  Coincidence?

gib: absolutely.

lb: of course.
4)      Would you be upset if someone made a cover band version of you and called it Harvey Grant?

gib: I think i would be more concerned about what this meant for us as a people, having a band cover our songs....i'd be scared, really.

lb: i kind of feel bad for harvey grant. they were twins and yet he always had to live in his brother's more powerful shadow. horace has championship rings! rings!
5)      Okay, last question about the basketball player.  I have this image in my mind of a painting.  Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant, eating great food and laughing.   Huge smiles on their faces.   Outside the window, you see Horace Grant looking in with a single tear in his eye.  Would you ever create an album cover to this extent?

gib: i'd think that i'd have some say about our album artwork....so no. lb did a pretty sweet painting of my cats, so i'd like her to do one of us, as cats. maybe wearing horace grant glasses.

lb: no. horace grant would be eating with them. all smiles. john travolta would be cooking a burger. in a towel.
6)      You have a five song demo up right now on Band Camp.  Any plans for a formal EP or full length album soon?

lb: gib? 

gib: yes, we're mixing and mixing is the worst, but i wanna put a tape out as soon as lb finishes this us as cats painting.
7)      Your Facebook page says you’re a duo to look out for in 2032.  Does that make you twenty years ahead of your time?

lb: yes. and we are from the future. 

gib: our intern wrote that, and i'm not sure where Randy is at present. get back to you.
8)      What is the home of C.M. Punk like for music these days?

lb: cm punk is from homer glen. it is a suburb of chicago. i have never been there. maybe it's nice? 

gib; i thought it was a band until lb informed me otherwise.
9)      Final thoughts, shout outs, non-basketball related claims, etc...?
gib: be honest about who you are. be nice to people and yourself. don't drown. love what you do until you start getting paid for it. 

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