Thursday, August 1, 2013

Has a Shadow [Interview # 119]

    Does everything have a shadow, or is there something out there that does not?  Because it seems like even translucent surfaces can cast shadows.
1.- R.- Yes, All objects reflect light and in the meantime they project a shadow, we think ,metaphorically, that as objects cast shadows, the things we do in our existence create inner shadows, their characteristics are unique and strangely attractive.

 If I started a radio show, could I dedicate an hour to playing your music in between clips of the show based on The Shadow?
2.- R.- That would be awsome!, We love detective stories but in respect of The shadow we only watched the 94' movie starring Alec Baldwin which we like for any Sunday lunchtime, As for the Radio Program we're aware that Orson Welles was the voice of the Shadow for some time.

 Being from Mexico, do you feel like Lucha libre DVDs are a good way to teach my son Spanish?
3. - R. - ... They may learn that jump from your furniture is cool, or to wear masks, but to speak Spanish... Ehhh...Is the worst idea ever!

Your new album is called “Sky is Hell Black”.   Isn’t that a sign of the end of the world?
4. - R. -  Well; yeah…  kind off, certainly something unknown is about to happen. There's no visible moon in the sky nor it's late at night. You can contemplate and see what follows, or you can run away. Either way, the sky is hell black.

Why is Mexican cola so much better than the crap they make here in the U.S.?
5. - R. - Some says that Chemistry in water, the soil; others say that is the sweat of the people that gives it the flavor.

Final thoughts, shout outs, Lucha predictions and ponderings, etc…??

6. - R. - We'll be playing at the Mexican border and hopefully get our sound to the U.S., and to get Exorcized. We also want to Thank the guys of  "Captcha Records"  that will release the  "Sky is Hell Black" Album in a few months (hopefully October). 

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