Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flying Cape Experience [Interview # 120]

1)     When I first saw your band name, I thought that the flying cape part was in reference to superheroes like Superman.  Would you say that in some ways it really is though?

Jo: Flying cape refers to this magical place we get to live in, our home. It also refers to all the magical things and different realities people can experience if they are willing to, if they are open to such things…all the spiritual things. No superheroes…only heroes of every day life who can be heroes of the infinite skies.

Akira: We live nearby a big lake and woods, this place has become very important to us. So naturally it felt right when translated to english there was also this other aspect. I see it more as altering the mind, flying with an imaginary cape, or whatever tool seems fit.

2)     Your full length album, “Let’s Sing More About the Eyes”, was released digitally in May of this wonderful year of music. Are there any plans for a physical release of the album, perhaps on cassette or vinyl?

Akira: It would feel great as vinyl, I mean it would be big and white!

Jo: Yeah! If someone is willing to pay that, sure ;)

3)     Why do you feel as if there are not enough songs about the eyes? Even something like “The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades” can be an indirect reference to eyes.

Jo: I didn't think of that when the name for our first album came out…there was just this situation when I realized that there was direct and indirect references to eyes and seeing in every song we had made. Not to forget the third eye! Eyes are important, I am a visual person.

4)     How much of a Jim Morrison fan would you say that you are?

Akira: I have admired his aggressive and passionate way of manifesting his life, when I was younger. He was sort of an epitome of rock n' roll, at least in the media. And.. well, it went as it was supposed to.

Jo: I am a fan just a little. But the Doors has influenced us both, we have been listening to them as teenagers. The reference to Jim in our song "A msg from J. Morrison" just happened, all of it just came out of me, felt like he was talking through me, it wasn't me. And no, I have not been diagnosed…yet. :D

5)     What do you feel are some other great bands from the land of the Flying Cape?

Jo: The first amazing finnish bands that came to my mind are Circle and Xysma, just saw them live. Both of them are old bands, but still alive, long time favorites, both bands have their own unique style. Especially Circle, it's hypnotic, experimental rock/metal/something…I admire their imagination and productivity. We don't really follow what's happening in music scenes. I love silence.

Akira: What she said! I'm sure there's lots of great music made nowadays, perhaps we're a bit attached to our former lives as these old bands seem to still be somehow untouchable.. But most of all the fact that we don't really follow music has definitely a huge effect. With the aforementioned some Finnish music I'd recommend to take a listen to is: Ville Leinonen, Hidria Spacefolk, Rauli Badding Somerjoki and Topi Sorsakoski & Agents. And anything from Fonal records.

6)     Will Flying Cape Experience ever tour the U.S.?

Akira: Would love to! I know we'd be able to collect some amazing musician friends to join us, so maybe when the kids are bigger and when she'll be willing to. Or maybe I'll just pack her into the van and motivate her with a stick or something ;) So I think we will.

Jo: God no! We don't tour. We just sing and play quiet in our big little bubble.

7)     Final thoughts, plugs, comic book tie-ins, etc…??

Akira: I think everyone should take the time to find something that is their own meditation. We are all one.

Jo: Mind the eyes. And sing what your soul sings to you.

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