Thursday, August 1, 2013

Animal Flag [Interview # 107]

1)      Your name almost instantly makes me think of a flag designed just for animals so we as humans can raise it up every once in a while and be like, “Hey, other humans, stop destroying these animals’ homes”.   Do you feel like the band name is animal friendly conscious? 
2)      You are from Boston, a city perhaps best known to me for visiting the Science Museum as a child as part of a school field trip and seeing a guy in a cage get hit by lightning.  I also remember there being a pretty good hardcore scene there, as well as some indie rock bands like The Lot Six and Moment.   But that was ten years ago and it feels like forever.  What is Boston up to these days in terms of music?
3)      Your new album is called “The Sounds of Sleep”, yet it does not sound like snoring at all.  Explain.
4)      I seem to hear quite a bit of Blue October in your music.   Are they an influence on you?
5)      Do you have physical releases or is everything just digital right now?  A cassette boxed set discography would be pretty stellar. 

6)      Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…???

1) No
2) Yeah the music scene is pretty good in Boston. It's definitely the birthplace of a lot of hardcore/punk music but I honestly don't come in contact with that scene a lot so I couldn't tell you if it's thriving or not. Indie rock is definitely becoming more popular in the area but that's probably a by product of it becoming more popular in general. As far as my perspective goes... I see a lot of folk music coming up and also I am seeing a rise in EDM/House/DJ stuff. I go to Berklee college of Music so I am pretty over saturated. Boston is a great place for music but not as much as a hub as LA, New York, Austin, or Nashville is.
3) Haha well an album of snoring would probably the worst thing ever so I decided to not take that route. Definitely though about it though.
4) I have never heard of Blue October but now that you say that I will check them out.
5) I have been distributing hard copies of "Everything Will Be Okay", "The Sounds of Sleep", and "July EP" at my shows over the past couple years. I print them on cardboard sleeves and burn discs from my computer for now. I've probably produced about 1,000 copies of my stuff this way. It's a pretty cost affective way of doing things but I hope to legitimately press CD's soon. People seem to like the homemade look and I like it to but it' time to step it up I think haha
6) Final thoughts... hmmm... Um check out the bandcamp (where you can download all my albums for free if you wish) and go like the facebook page! Here are the links --> | Thanks!

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