Thursday, August 1, 2013

KIDS. [Interview # 108 // Matt Bearrones]

1)      Did you select the name “KIDS.” Because no matter how old you get, music will always keep you in your youth like Keith Richards?
2)      Do you ever find yourself on the subway singing “I have no legs”?
3)      It seems like there are kids everywhere and even bands that are called “Something Kids”.    Would there ever be some kind of big Kids world tour?   And if you had to choose a band with “Kids” in their name to tour with, would you choose Rich Kids on LSD, Big D & and the Kids Table, Keystone Kids, Code Orange Kids, Codename Kids Next Door, Flintstone Kids, Big Kids or New Kids on the Block?
4)      You are from California and I have a theory that after a few more major earthquakes that state is doomed to become either an island or underwater adventure like Atlantis.   I think Snake Plisskan would agree with me.  Do you?
5)      You did a split with Sledding With Tigers.  Has Dan called you since?
6)      Do you have any plans for physical releases soon?   Perhaps your upcoming EP will be on cassette?

7)      Final thoughts, questions, plugs, shout outs to Broke-Ass Stuart, etc..??

1) That is a true statement! A few years ago, Blake and myself were trying to come up with some band names and KIDS. was the one that stuck. It seemed fitting for our particular style of music. 

2) ALL. THE. TIME. How'd you know??

3) I think it would be wonderful if we toured with Big D and the Kids Table. I've always had a special place in my heart for ska music. Or even Code Orange Kids. That'd be a really weird mix though. But cool. 

4) That certainly sounds lovely. 

5) That was a really fun time! Yeah, we're all really good buddies and we eat burritos together often. 

6) Yes! The new EP will be coming out on 10:39 records (a label run by our buddy Raineir, who is also in some of my favorite San Diego bands like Linkletter and Haruka) on cassette. We're very excited! There's also some plans in the works to re-release our current discography on cassettes. Stay tuned. 

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